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Immigration Law: More Complicated Than Ever

Migrating from one country to another is something that happens really often today. People migrate or transfer due to so many reasons – some personal, career wise and education.

  • Personal – people migrate to a different country for personal growth. It could be that they have people who petitioned them to fly and start anew together with their family or loved ones.
  • Career – others migrate for greener pasture. We all know how our career would differ depending on how we hold and control ourselves but from how it has always been, people migrate for a better career or opportunity.
  • Education – there are also people who are just blessed and lucky enough to migrate due to education. It could be a beautiful opportunity due to scholarship, or something that has been always planned by mom and dad. Regardless, migrating due to education is something no one would dare miss.

The not so cool thing about migrating

Everything has its pros and cons. As the old adage says, you can’t have your cake and eat it at the same time. Along with the best experiences of migrating comes the complication of migration and immigration law. So what does this mean?

It is just a whole lot of complication if you think about it. It is immigration, naturalization, benefits, limits and the like in one – yes, this is immigration law. The law allows those who have the benefits of entering a country and those who do not. How do they actually know who can and cannot? This is something we need to deal in depth with. This law also determines for how long you can stay in a country and what you can do and you cannot do while being in the country. You think looking for a job is easy? Think again. It definitely will be especially if you are only given a tourist VISA!


There are so many things to consider if we start talking about being permanent in one country:

  • Duration
  • Qualifications
  • Community Standing
  • Reason


You need to be able to specify why and how long you are temporarily staying. During your stay, the state would still need to determine if permanency is something they might consider.


You need to be able to follow through certain requirements depending on the country you are in. Each country has its own qualifications.

Community Standing

Your record must be smooth. Someone who is considered delinquent even in his own country will definitely be having problems.


Your reason must be sound as well as your judgement.